The term "disk space" is sometimes labeled as "disk quota" or "data storage", however all these terms mean the very same thing - the volume of data that you'll be able to upload to a website hosting account. The full size of what you have is calculated by accumulating the space used by all the content in your account, the most obvious being the files that you upload. Two other things are often disregarded by a lot of end users, though - e-mails and also databases. Big attachments or databases of huge script-driven sites can sometimes use a lot of disk space too. In order to employ a more common analogy, the disk space of your PC is consumed not only by files that you download, but additionally by docs you write and software programs you install. Likewise, a number of things are counted towards the hard disk space your info needs on a web site hosting server, in addition to the uploads.

Disk Space in Website Hosting

We've designed our website hosting with the idea that the hard disk storage should never be a setback for your web sites. While many website hosting suppliers generate accounts using one server, and in fact, the most common Control Panels are designed to operate solely on this type of platform, we have applied a completely different solution. We have clusters of servers that handle every element of the website hosting service, so your files will be stored on one cluster, the emails on another one,your databases on a third one, etc. Using this cloud platform we accomplish a couple of things - the storage space is actually endless for the reason that we can attach as many servers and hard drives to the clusters as needed, and we enhance the efficiency of each and every machine since just one kind of processes will operate on it. This custom setup will allow you to enlarge your websites as you see fit without having to worry about running out of hard disk storage.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

Our VPS servers include disk space quotas proportional to the processing power that you get with every package. Getting a greater plan, for instance, it is more likely you will host a number of domains or a single huge website, so the hard disk space will increase as you upgrade your plan. If you choose the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space, and if you employ DirectAdmin or cPanel, you'll be able to create distinct web hosting accounts and allocate a pre-defined amount of the entire VPS storage for each individual website. You can even share out hard disk storage from one domain to another if needed. When you purchase a particular VPS plan and you want additional storage in the future, you'll be able to update to a greater plan with just a couple of clicks in your billing area. The additional resources will be added to your present plan with no downtime or content migration.